Student Project: “Criminalizing Kids” Poem

We all have been told that knowledge is gold
that learning and education is important for our nation.
Yet from the beginning our outcomes are tied
The districts and law enforcement work together in stride.
Like morning assemblies we stay uniform and in line
take one step out, and you’ll find yourself doing time.
The industry, the district, the police, working for jails
They all work together to find the kids who stray.
The kids astray, who which are labeled criminals
This is the “at risk youth” which ails the public and needs to be kept away.
The war on crime era extends past the schools
The growth of the security market manifests the districts equal to fools.
Fools to play as the pawns of the system
To reap, to pry, to strike, and imprison.
Imprison the kids who learn and seek a better future
Not ones behind bars, with little to no nurture.
The viewed vision of the school to prison pipeline is simple
Prospecting those who live a life which is anything but simple.
Even with difficulties and family life
Missing a bus, a child one strike closer to doing time.
In the end it is possibly for the money
For jails, and companies, in the name of and security.
To the death of childhood and the end of innocence
Begins the birth of jail time, treatment of childhood malevolence. 

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