Student Project: “Criminalizing Kids” Poem

We all have been told that knowledge is goldthat learning and education is important for our nation.Yet from the beginning our outcomes are tiedThe districts and law enforcement work together in stride.Like morning assemblies we stay uniform and in linetake one step out, and you’ll find yourself doing time.The industry, the district, the police, workingContinue reading “Student Project: “Criminalizing Kids” Poem”

Student Project: “Legal Pluralism” Art Piece

For this course’s final project I decided to focus on the topic of legal pluralism and chose to convey the message through a rendered 3D model. The model shows a glass cylinder, representing the diverse communities across the US, with its many colors and edges being pushed through a hole in the wall representing theContinue reading “Student Project: “Legal Pluralism” Art Piece”

Student Project: “The Limits of Police Training” Art Piece

Description We see the police department are given guns and weaponry like candy, and it is a very disposable thing for officers, almost like they don’t realize the importance of it and how deadly of an item it is. We then see the schedules for the police academy training, which is 90% firearms training andContinue reading “Student Project: “The Limits of Police Training” Art Piece”

Student Project: “Warrior Mentality Lake” Art Piece

Description In this art project, titled Warrior Mentality Lake, the overall picture is centered on the image of a heavily-rusted helmet, drawn based on the historical Spartan helmet. Due to the corrosion of the helmet, the water has grown murky with rust, and this in turn leads to the dead fish, which have died dueContinue reading “Student Project: “Warrior Mentality Lake” Art Piece”